Coordinator Registration Guide

HSL Fall 2017


➤ Thank you for your interest in High School Starleague’s Fall 2017 season! This page is intended for coordinators looking to register themselves or their teams to play in HSL, the premiere high school esports tournament in North America. For general inquiries about HSL and its operations, please use the contact form located here. To learn more about HSL, please visit our main site.

➤ Download this guide as a .pdf!

How to stay updated

➤ Staying informed is imperative as a coordinator! Please follow our Facebook & Twitter accounts for important announcements and information regarding HSL. Important updates for coordinators will be posted in our Discord – see “Discord” below for more information.

Registering in HSL

Designating a coordinator

➤ Every team in HSL must have a designated coordinator. For games with only one player (such as Hearthstone and osu!) the player and coordinator must be the same person.

➤ The team coordinator is typically one of the players on the team, although this is not a requirement. Anyone can be the coordinator for a team – teacher, parent, a student who is not on the team, etc.

➤ One person can be a coordinator for as many teams as they can handle. However, do not forget that you may only be a player for one team at a time, per game.

Website account creation

➤ Before registering to play in HSL, the team coordinator should first make an account on our website. This account will allow you to view team rosters and brackets when the season begins.

Team registration

➤ After creating a website account, navigate to the tournament registration page for the game you wish to register for. Complete the forms on the following page, and your registration will be complete! You will receive an email confirming registration after the form has been completed. Be sure to join the HSL Discord as well…


➤ As of Fall 2017, HSL will be utilizing Discord for all match scheduling! We’re removing the mandatory usage of Facebook groups for match scheduling to protect the privacy of players and coordinators; most of our groups will be closed starting in late September, with the exception of a couple of the aggregated coordinator groups (which will be converted into a community group for scrims and general questions!)

Join our main Discord channel here!

Scheduling Matches

➤ Once the season has begun, you will need to begin contacting opposing coordinators to schedule your weekly matches. Registrations for Fall 2017 close on October 1st, and brackets for all games will be released shortly after.


➤ To find your opponent for the week, refer to the brackets located on our website. Then, use the Player Rosters page to find additional information to get in contact with the opposing coordinator over Discord! Tag them in the #match_scheduling channel in your game’s server (name may vary) or send them a private message to find out a time that would work out best for both sides. Be sure to play out your matches before the submission deadline!

Match Issues/FAQ

Report issues/conflicts to…

➤ If it is believed that another team has violated the HSL Code of Conduct in any way, be sure to submit a rule violation form via the match submission page. Other issues, such as conflicting forfeit reports or difficulty scheduling matches, may then be brought up with an admin on Discord who will then get in contact with both sides to find a resolution.

More questions?

➤ For a list of commonly asked questions, refer to the FAQ linked here.

Good luck and have fun!