Hearthstone Fall 2017 Schedule

Qualifier 1 (Top 2 qualify for playoffs)

  • Registrations open: 9/7/17

  • Registrations close: 10/13/17

  • Brackets Released: 10/14/17

  • Tournament Begins: 10/15/17

Qualifier 2 (Top 2 qualify for playoffs)

  • Registrations open: 10/15/17

  • Registrations close: 10/27/17

  • Brackets Released: 10/28/17

  • Tournament Begins: 10/29/17

Qualifier 3 (Top 2 qualify for playoffs)

  • Registrations open: 10/29/17

  • Registrations close: 11/10/17

  • Brackets Released: 11/11/17

  • Tournament Begins: 11/12/17

Qualifier 4 (Top 2 qualify for playoffs)

  • Registrations open: 11/12/17

  • Registrations close: 11/24/17

  • Brackets Released: 11/25/17

  • Tournament Begins: 11/26/17

HSL Hearthstone Rules

Last updated: 2017-09-05


  • Tournament structure

1. HSL Guiding Principles

While High School Starleague is a competitive gaming league, the idea of building friendships, experiences, and an inclusive gaming culture forms the heart of our organization. If scheduling issues occur, please try your best to accommodate other players so that we can provide a positive gaming experience for everyone. The following set of official game rules are subject to alteration at any time at the discretion of the High School Starleague.

2. Code of Conduct

Cheating or any other kind of game dishonesty may result in severe repercussions including but not limited to:

  • Player ban from season
  • School expulsion from HSL game division
  • School expulsion from all HSL divisions
  • Regarding chat:
  • Bad manner and deprecation are not allowed.
  • Examples include, but are not limited to:
  • Racial slurs
  • Remarks on sexual orientation
  • Negative remarks mocking players based on skill
  • Sexism
  • Remarks on religion
  • Cursing
  • If you witness a breach in the Code of Conduct:
  • Do not retaliate in a way that further violates the HSL Code of Conduct.
  • Screenshot the breach of conduct in question and submit your evidence to a tournament administrator.
  • Penalties relating to breaches in the Code of Conduct will be decided on a case by case basis

3. Penalties

Players should be ready by the start of their scheduled match. Tardiness will be penalized as follows:

  • 10 minutes past match time: Forfeiture of one game
  • 15 minutes past match time: Forfeiture of all games
  • Players with more than one (1) total Tardy Shall be Dropped from the tournament
  • The following actions will be considered unfair play without exception (do not accuse a player of any type of unfair play without photo evidence):
  • The use of any 3rd party program or cheat.
  • The use of any settings exceeding the standard and permitted game settings.
  • Intentionally allowing an opponent to win a match.
  • Unsportsmanlike or disruptive behavior, such as inappropriate and/or unprofessional actions directed towards another player or a Tournament Administrator.
  • The use of an in-game bug or exploit
  • Intentional impersonation of a Tournament Administrator.
  • At any time, a Tournament Administrator may identify and enforce any applicable form of unfair play.

4. Player Eligibility

To be eligible, players must meet the following criteria:

  • Players must be currently enrolled in their high school as a full-time student, with the following exceptions:
  • Students with alternative educational arrangements should contact an official HSL Tournament Administrator prior to registering to secure permission to play.
  • Students in dual-enrollment/concurrent-enrollment programs with a local community college are permitted to compete. Students with early college admission programs that allow them to graduate high school early, however, are not.
  • Players must abide by the HSL Code of Conduct at all times.
  • Players are ineligible to compete if they meet any of the following criteria:
  • Students under academic probation or any other school-related disciplinary action are ineligible to play.
  • Students with an account that is not in good standing at the time of registration, or any time during the season, are ineligible to play until their standing returns to nominal.
  • School faculty, staff, and alumni are ineligible to play.

5. Tournament Structure


  • The Tournament start time is Saturday. 12 PM PST
  • The tournament will follow a single elimination bracket
  • If the amount of entries is not a clean number (E.G 64, 128 etc) it will be played to the closest one rounded up with byes given out under random basis
  • The players that come in first and second will be invited to a top 8 bracket with the winner going to the winners bracket and the runner up going to the losers bracket
  • The winner of a tournament from the fall cycle may not compete in other fall cycle tournaments until the top 8.
  • Players may register for all tournaments immediately however if they win or commit major infraction they will be removed for the rest of the fall cycle tournaments.
  • A player that comes in 2nd may continue competing, if he wins his spot will be moved to the winners bracket of top 8 and the 3rd place player from the tourney that he came in 2nd will receive his old placing in the top 8.


6. Game Settings and Rules

  1. Win Condition: Victory is achieved by the first player to win in 3 separate games.
    1. If you win a game, you must choose a different class to play with the next game.
    2. If a player loses, the player may use the same deck as the previous game, without changing any cards, or may choose another hero that they have not won with during that match.
    3. This tournament is run in a 4 deck, 1 ban Best of 5 Standard Conquest style format.
    4. This means that you CANNOT play both “Jade Druid and Aggro Druid” or “Secret Mage and Freeze Mage” or any other combination of decks of the same class in the same match.
      1. To be extra clear, you can not play a different decklist of the same hero in the same match, even if you lose with one decklist.
  2. If any player disconnects during the game, it will result in a loss for that game if they are unable to join in the time allotted by Blizzard’s servers.
  3. Restrictions: This tournament is ran in standard format, which means that only sets of the past two years and the classic may be used. Any other expansions that are coming will be allowed as long as they follow the “year of the Mammoth” standard set.
  4. Players are only allowed to have 4 decks from 4 unique heroes in their Custom Deckslots. This rule is in place to remove the possibility of players “teching” cards out and having very similar deck lists.
    1. Players who feel that their opponent has more than 3 decks created in their deck slots may request a screenshot from their opponent of their “Battle a Friend” screen. Players with more than 3 custom decks may be subject to match forfeiture. If your opponent refuses to send a screenshot of their custom decks in the “Battle a Friend” screen without leaving that screen, contact a tournament administrator IMMEDIATELY.
    2. If your opponent requests seeing your decks in the “Battle a Friend” screen, you are required to take a screenshot and send it to them (preferably via imgur). You are not required to share a screenshot of your decklists.
  5. Region: North America
  6. During the match, both players that will be participating must stay online at all times. Any violation of this may result in a forfeiture of a game or the entire match.
  7. The HSL Hearth competition follows all of Blizzard’s Terms of Service and will enforce it in case of violations.
  8. Players may not change the cards of their deck or leave the “Battle a friend” deck selection screen during the duration of the match.
  9. Spectating – It is your responsibility to keep yourself safe from possible cheaters who might spectate your game. Take the necessary precautions to change your settings to not allow

7. Match Reporting

  • After the match has finished, players shall report scores using match page on battlefy.
  • If one of the players does not show up within ten minutes of the match being ready, present player must immediately contact an admin to report it.
  • If reporting an absence, players are required to provide photo evidence of the agreed time (if not default) and screenshots of the opponent’s non-ready status in accordance to the penalties specified in 3.1.

9. Stoppage of Play and Penalties: Reasons and Procedures

  • If a player queues into a game with a deck that they did not specify they were playing, it is a 2 game loss. One loss is for the infraction of having more than 3 decks in the deck select. The other is for playing a deck they did not tell their opponent about. More serious infractions of this may result in a set loss or disqualification from the tournament
  • If a player is caught talking to other players about their match in ways of gaining an unfair advantage, they shall immediately lose the set and be reviewed by a tournament administrator for more serious consequences depending on the severity of the communication.
  • Any form of “win-trading” shall also not be allowed. If a player contacts you asking for a win for whatever reason, inform a tournament administrator immediately.
  • If a player must do something outside of game, they must tell their opponent and receive permission from the opponent and not leave the challenge screen.
  • Players may leave the challenge screen if they need to remove decks, under this circumstance a game loss will still be enforced.