Please be sure to read through the #welcome and #info channels, as they will have most, if not all the information needed to participate in the tournament. Join our Discord server here.

Occasionally, Battlefy will not update matches right away. Be sure to wait a few days, and if they are still are not updated, be sure to contact an admin!

Submit a rule violation report on the HSL website! We take these kinds of infringements very seriously.

In some cases, two teams may show up in the game lobby at different times, causing them both to submit a forfeit report. If this occurs, an admin will contact both to negotiate a resolution so that the games may be played.

You can have access to the HSL Discord channel by refferring to this link:

If your team is present in the lobby, and the enemy team has not shown up during the allotted grace period, you may claim a forfeit win for the round. Be sure to report the forfeit win on the website and include proof! 

If the issue involves BM or toxic behavior on the enemy team’s end, you may submit a rule violation report on our website. However, if the issue prevents the continuation of matches and requires immediate input, (Ie. Conflict involving wrong picks/bans in champ select, wrong summoner spells, etc.) then an admin should be contacted for clarification.

If you have done absolutely everything you could in terms of reaching out to the opposing coordinator and they still don’t reply before the deadline, then your team is allowed to claim a forfeit win for the round! Please note that we will double check forfeit losses to prevent abuse.

Coordinator information can be found under the “Player Rosters” tab of your game on the website. After that, please use the appropriate HSL Discord server to contact the coordinator! This can be done with an @ mention, or via a PM.