HSL CS:GO Fall 2017 Schedule

Regular Season

  • Registration closes: 10/1

  • Brackets posted: 10/5

  • W1 Deadline: 10/15

  • W2 Deadline: 10/22

  • W3 Deadline: 10/29

  • W4 Deadline: 11/5

  • W5 Deadline: 11/12

  • W6 Deadline: 11/19

  • W7 Deadline: 11/26

  • Playoffs RO4: 12/3

  • Playoffs Finals: 12/10


Last updated: 2017-09-8


  • HSL Guiding Principles
  • Code of Conduct
  • Penalties
  • Player Eligibility
  • Match Scheduling
  • Roster Rules
  • Game Settings and Rules
  • Match Reporting
  • Stoppage of Play: Reasons and Procedures

1. HSL Guiding Principles

While High School Starleague is a competitive gaming league, the idea of building friendships, experiences, and an inclusive gaming culture forms the heart of our organization. If scheduling issues occur, please try your best to accommodate other players so that we can provide a positive gaming experience for everyone. The following set of official game rules are subject to alteration at any time at the discretion of the High School Starleague.

2. Code of Conduct

  1. Cheating or any other kind of game dishonesty may result in severe repercussions including but not limited to:
    1. player ban from season
    2. school expulsion from HSL game division
    3. school expulsion from all HSL divisions
  2. Regarding chat:
    1. Bad manner and deprecation are not allowed.
    2. Examples include, but are not limited to:
      • Racial slurs
      • Remarks on sexual orientation
      • Negative remarks mocking players based on skill
      • Sexism
      • Remarks on religion
      • Cursing
  3. If you witness a breach in the Code of Conduct:
    1. Do not retaliate in a way that further violates the HSL Code of Conduct.
    2. Screenshot the breach of conduct in question and submit your evidence to a tournament administrator.
    3. Penalties relating to breaches in the Code of Conduct will be decided on a case by case basis

3. Penalties

  1. Players should be ready by the start of their scheduled match. Tardiness will be penalized as follows:
    1. 10 minutes past match time: Forfeiture of one game
    2. 15 minutes past match time: Forfeiture of all games
  2. Players with more than one (1) total absence during a stage will be dropped.
  3. The following actions will be considered unfair play without exception (do not accuse a player of any type of unfair play without photo evidence):
    1. The use of any 3rd party program or cheat.
    2. The use of any settings exceeding the standard and permitted game settings.
    3. Intentionally allowing an opponent to win a match.
    4. Unsportsmanlike or disruptive behavior, such as inappropriate and/or unprofessional actions directed towards another player or a Tournament Administrator.
    5. The use of an in-game bug or exploit
    6. Intentional impersonation of a Tournament Administrator.
  4. At any time, a Tournament Administrator may identify and enforce any applicable form of unfair play.

4. Player Eligibility

  1. To be eligible, players must meet the following criteria:
    1. Players must be currently enrolled in their high school as a full-time student, with the following exceptions:
      1. Students with alternative educational arrangements should contact an official HSL Tournament Administrator prior to registering to secure permission to play.
      2. Students in dual-enrollment/concurrent-enrollment programs with a local community college are permitted to compete. Students with early college admission programs that allow them to graduate high school early, however, are not.
    2. For team games, all players in a team must be attending the same high school. Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis. Please contact an administrator prior to registering.
    3. Players must abide by the HSL Code of Conduct at all times.
  2. Players are ineligible to compete if they meet any of the following criteria:
    1. Students under academic probation or any other school-related disciplinary action are ineligible to play.
    2. Students with an account that is not in good standing at the time of registration, or any time during the season, are ineligible to play until their standing returns to nominal.
    3. School faculty, staff, and alumni are ineligible to play.

5. Match Scheduling

    1. Players are allowed no more than a 1-week window to play a match due to the nature of round progression.
      1. Please refer to the tournament schedule for each week’s deadline.
    2. The default match time is 5PM PT, every Saturday.
      1. If that time does not work for your player, you may request to reschedule your match by contacting the opposing player coordinator.
      2. Rescheduling is a privilege, not a right.
      3. No player may attempt to reschedule less than 24 hours before the default time or any previously agreed upon time.
    3. Players must make their best effort to honor reschedule requests from the opposing player.
  • If a player fails to schedule/play a match, or does not contact any coordinator/Tournament Administrator for at least three (3) consecutive days, that player is subject to possible disqualification.

6. Roster Rules

  1. For team games, each school may have multiple teams
  2. For team games, players may not be on multiple teams at once, including substitutes
  3. Players may drop from the tournament, but must first contact Tournament Administrators. Players that drop from the tournament will be suspended for the remainder of the stage.
  4. Roster changes may be made with the form linked in the Discord. Expect a 24-48 hour turnaround time on roster changes.
  5. Accounts used in tournaments must belong to the player and must be listed on the roster.
    1. Borrowed accounts are not allowed.
    2. Multiple accounts are not allowed.

7. Game Settings and Rules

  1. Matches will consist of 2 games, played consecutively at the agreed match time
  2. Each match will be played on one of the maps from the Active Duty Map Pool, as given by Valve for official CSGO tournaments
    1. Teams have 2 bans each, and each select a map from the remaining pool
    2. The bans are ESL style, bans: ABBA, then picks: BA
    3. The same map can be selected by both teams
  3. Games will ALWAYS be played on one of the officially hosted ESEA Servers, unless given permission by Ben

8. Match Reporting

  1. After the match has finished, players shall report scores using the form on the HSL website.
    1. If reporting an absence, players are required to provide photo evidence of the agreed time (if not default) and screenshots of the opponent’s non-ready status in accordance to the penalties specified in 3.1.
  2. Score submissions are due weekly on Sundays 11:59PM PT. Please see the schedule for deadlines. See Penalties for pertinent penalties.

9. Stoppage of Play: Reasons and Procedures

  1. May only stop play with the ESEA tactical timeout
  2. If an extended stop is needed (e.g. power outage, player disconnect, etc) the match will be paused