HSL CS:GO Fall 2017 - Registration

By clicking "Register," you affirm that you understand the tournament format and rules, and have read the match day procedures. Be sure to join the Discord server to communicate with the other coordinators, ask questions to admins, as well as to stay up to date on any updates of the rules, new events, and all other things HSL related.

If you are registering a new team, then select "no"

Check this box if your team will have over 5 people on it.

School Info

This is the link to your ESEA profile. For example, mine is: https://play.esea.net/users/1460454.

Please DOUBLE CHECK YOUR EMAIL to make sure it is spelled correctly. It should be an email that you will also check frequently. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT BECAUSE IT IS FOR BATTLEFY AND WE WILL CONTACT YOU VIA EMAIL IF ANYTHING GOES WRONG.

Team Roster Info

If you desire to change your roster after registering, please email csgo@hsstarleague.com and consult csgo.hsstarleague.com/rules to see regulations about such substitutions. Minimum Roster size is 5 players and the maximum is 7.
Information such as age, sex, and zipcode will not be used in a personally identifiable manner, pursuant to our Private Policy.

Since you selected "other" in the question above, we'd like to know which source you heard about HSL from.

If your team is affiliated with a League of Legends/eSports club at your school, answer yes. If not, answer no.

Discord server link. Discord is required for match scheduling for all games.

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