About HSL

The High School Starleague is the premier eSports league of the North American Continent. Founded in 2010 the HSL has already organized over 15 separate events and is recognized as the most professional league in its division. Combining league play, online tournaments, local live events, enthusiastic casting, and live streaming, the HSL creates a venue for secondary schools across the nation to meet and compete against each other in a friendly and safe environment. The goal of HSL is to promote eSports in North American secondary schools and to create a locale for secondary schools from around the North American continent to compete against other schools in League of Legends and other eSports. Of course we also want to create a fun environment in which we can all enjoy eSports together as well and facilitate their growth. We hope that in the future as the competition grows and the number of schools involved increases that we may spread a thriving love and passion for eSports in general to secondary schools all across North America, and perhaps someday extend overseas as well.


 The Team (Coming Soon!)