What is HSL?

The High School Starleague strives to provide a fun, organized, and rewarding competitive experience. Our esports tournaments are tailored exclusively towards high school students and accommodate the regular academic year to help ensure that school and competition don’t interfere! Registration is FREE and open now for Fall 2017. This subsite is designed to act as a hub for all information concerning HSL’s various tournaments! If you are a coordinator, you will use this site frequently to check information pertaining to your matches.

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Why Participate?

HSL offers an opportunity for students to play out their competitive itch while also practicing valuable skills such as communication, teamwork, and leadership. Many school clubs also find a home in HSL due to the variety of games that we provide tournament leagues for!

Our Tournaments

Our tournament structure has been adjusted to fit into the regular school year. Each competitive season is separated into two parts – one for each semester of the school year. Tournaments are organized online and can be played from home, school, or wherever you wish. You might play against a school down the street, or across the states!

About Us

The High School Starleague is the premier esports league in North America! Founded in 2010, HSL has organized tournaments for over 10,000 students annually and is recognized as one of the largest leagues in its division. Combining league play, online tournaments, live streaming, and community events, HSL creates an online venue for secondary schools across the nation to meet and compete against each other in a friendly and safe environment.

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